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Nora Achmaoui, the social media star and founder of SHEEO, and Nature's Own Factory team up to launch a new product line.


Nora Achmaoui

Nora Achmaoui is the business coach and founder of SHEEO where she pushes women to build their own businesses and own their future. She is on a constant mission to mentor, guide and support females globally to become financially independent.

The range consists of tea drink with mango and passion fruit and sugar-free white chocolate with acai. This delicious combo will do its best for your body, skin and beyond.


Tea drink with mango and passion fruit

Here’s your superfood in a cup of tea. The drink by Nature’s Own Factory and Nora Achmaoui normalizes blood pressure, helps digestion, removes excess fluid and toxins and delivers vitamins and minerals to your body, without any extra effort.

The dried pieces of sweet mango and tangy passionfruit give it a tropical twist. Experience this alluring exotic flavor while you benefit from every sip. 

Sugar-free white chocolate with acai

This small chocolate bar gives you a big health hint when it comes to well-being and beauty. First of all, it won't ruin your diet, because one bar is less than 120 calories.

The pure composition is what helps to keep the skin clean, without rashes. The acai berries are packed with antioxidants that make you glow and work as an anti-age treatment.

Sugar-free doesn't have to mean less flavor. Enjoy the bright taste of acai berries with a bit of sourness and many benefits of nature.

Take a visit to Nature's Own Factory manufacture and see how we produce this chocolate using the old-style craft technology, which was used to make chocolate over a hundred years ago

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