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We believe that our products can benefit not only customers by helping them lead a healthier lifestyle, but also sellers, opening up new opportunities for them to develop their business, expand it and keep it on-trend.

We share our unique products with the world and create new directions in sales industry for food projects, hospitality and supermarket chains — this way, these companies push the business forward.

Become a wholesale partner

We seek to make healthy and natural products available in each area, so that they can be purchased, like any other products, in the nearest store. If you support our initiative and want to sell our products, contact us.

We offer our partners special purchasing conditions and marketing support: consultations, promotion, stands and showboxes for the in-store display.

Complement your menu with our products

We cooperate with large chains and local projects from the hospitality industry all over the world.

Specifically for cafes, restaurants and hotels, we produce our products in a unique package that differs from our standard one in size, weight and shape.

Nature's Own Factory. Buckwheat blended tea drink, loose buckwheat tea, artisan buckwheat chocolate with coconut, buckwheat milk chocolate

Our Partners

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Come work with us

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Online-store, production.

Dubai, Silicon Oasis 

Buckwheat tea, buckwheat chocolate


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